Bog Street Original Sampler Pack (17 Mixed Picks)

The Bog Street original sampler pack contains a total of seventeen picks from our range.

NEOS Axe Series Picks (9 Picks)

The Axe Series picks have been designed with the player in mind, meticulously engineered to maximise comfort and control through there patent-pending, ergonomic designs.  The new grip pattern provides a unique feel and stability from unwanted pick movement.  The curved form is designed for comfort in playing with the central hole locating the index finger and thumb together for improved feel and added sensitivity.

Material: NEOS

  1. AXE CUT LIGHT: 0.50mm flat tip with two 1.50mm rounded chisel tips.        Color: BLACK PEARL
  2. AXE CUT MEDIUM: 0.60mm flat tip with two 2.00mm rounded chisel tips.   Color: CLAY RED 
  3. AXE CUT HEAVY: 1.60mm flat tip with two 3.00mm rounded chisel tips.        Color: ELECTRIC BLUE
  4. AXE BLADE LIGHT:  0.50mm flat tip with two 1.50mm sharp chisel tips.        Color: MINT GREEN
  5. AXE BLADE MEDIUM: 0.60mm flat tip with two 2.00mm sharp chisel tips.    Color: CANDY APPLE
  6. AXE BLADE HEAVY: 1.00mm flat tip with two 3.00mm sharp chisel tips.       Color: DUSK
  7. BATTLE AXE LIGHT: Three 1.40mm sharp chisel tips.                                       Color: ASHES GREY
  8. BATTLE AXE MEDIUM: Three 2.00mm sharp chisel tips.                                 Color: BRIGHT PURPLE
  9. BATTLE AXE HEAVY: Three 3.00mm sharp chisel tips.                                     Color: DEEP BLUES


The Axe Series textured picks feature an edge to edge texture to create a grip friendly slip-resistant feel.  The textured edges give extra attack and increased accuracy, while still offering smooth string release and great tone.

Material: NEOS

  1. AXE CUT: MED 0.60mm flat tip and two 2.00mm sharp chisel tips.                Color: NEON ORANGE
  2. AXE BLADE: MED 0.60mm  flat tip and two 2.00mm sharp chisel tips.            Color: NEON GREEN 
  3. BATTLE AXE: MED three 2.00mm sharp chisel tips.                                         Color: NEON PINK

LEAP SERIES: (2 Picks)

The Leap Series feature three different gauge picking surfaces with a unique ergonomic patented gripping solution from the Bog Street team.

Material: Nylon (White/Natural)

LEAD MODEL: Three sides designed for players that prefer a thicker pick selection.  1.50mm Jazz Style, 0.96mm Heavy, 0.73mm Medium

RHYTHM MODEL: Three sides designed for players that prefer a thinner to medium thick pick. 0.80mm Thick, .070mm Medium, 0.45mm Thin.

MINI BEAST: (1 Pick)

The Mini Beast pick is a three sided Jazz style pick.  Its aggressive grip solution offers added control and maximum comfort, while its size and rigidity is ideal for fast picking styles from Metal to Jazz.

Material: GLASS-FILLED NYLON (Black)


The Scales picks design represents a new experience for the player with it's aggressive rubberised grip solution offering maximum comfort and non slip control.

The three sided design features Bog Street's NEOS material for the pick material with the added rubberised signature scales gripping solution.

Material: NEOS Pick with soft touch TPE overmold grip

SCALES JAZZ STYLE: 1.50mm - Rubberised Grip

SCALES FLEX Standard Pick: 0.60mm - Rubberised Grip.  Features three sided design with thinner to medium thick pick surfaces.



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